Instalizer – Video Downloader for Instagram

Instalizer – Video Downloader for Instagram

وصف Instalizer – Video Downloader for Instagram

Instalizer is designed as a solution for Downloading Videos, Photos and Stories from Instagram to your phone. You can also save video from private accounts.

While using Instagram, you may usually have found yourself in the problem of not being able to download videos, photos and stories from Instagram directly. We took your problem into our consideration and launched the video downloader for Instagram which called Instalizer. Like you, many users are in need of saving their favorite Instagram posts. Instalizer also enables you to download or view Instagram profile picture in HD. This kind of application has never been developed before. You can enjoy the features of this app because they address the behavior and wants of Instagram users.

The function of this app is quite much user friendly because you need to follow a few simple steps and you’re done with downloading your favorite Insta post. This app is specially made if you want to save content of your favorite celebrities, Influencers and Creators. The quality of those videos, photos you download or the display picture of a profile you view is not affected. Instalizer surely benefits users from all walks of life and can be used for commercial purposes as well. Influencers and Digital Marketer can user Instalizer to Repost or Share the best content with their followers.

?Key Features:?

The following are the key features of Instalizer which makes it an app you definitely should download. The features are extraordinary and you can enjoy all the benefits the app has to offer.

View Profile Picture??‍?

Surely, this will amaze a large number of users out there because apparently, Instagram restricts users from opening the profile picture of any user. On Instalizer, you have full accessibility to the profile picture of a user. The picture is displayed in HD quality.

Photo Downloader for Instagram?

Instalizer allows you to download photos from Instagram easily. The photos you download take just a few seconds. With just one click, you will have the photos in your gallery in HD quality. You can also repost your favorite photos without downloading them.

Video Downloader for Instagram?️

This feature allows you to download videos from Instagram. You can also download videos from IGTV on Instalizer. The videos will be downloaded in its original quality. You can download multiple videos at the same time without any interruption. You won’t have to wait long to download the video as Instalizer is specially developed a video downloader for Instagram so it is super fast for downloading any video.

Story Downloader for Instagram??

The story downloading feature is where you can download Instagram stories before they disappear after 24 hours. No matter you follow an account or not, you can easily download stories from them. Not only you can download stories but you can also download highlights from Instagram. You should definitely try our story downloading feature.

?Extra Features:?

Apart from all the key features we took you through, there are some additional features that make our App stand different from others.

? No Login Required for public media
? Multiple downloads take place at the same time without any interruption.
? The downloading process takes place within the Instagram app and you are not required to leave the app.
? But this feature is not available in Android 10 and above.
? Videos and photos can also be downloaded from a private account.
? Built in gallery to repost or managing your downloads.


✍️ Please be careful to download any copyrighted images or videos form Instagram without owner permission.
✍️ We are not responsible for any unauthorized repost.
✍️ This app is not affiliate with Instagram.

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